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Pet Grooming Prices

All VIPS receive 10% off all grooming prices

To Qualify for VIP Prices, You must bring your dog in every 8 weeks or less, and they must be in a reasonable condition, eg not rolled in something dead at the beach or full of knots.

Please note that for non-VIP clients the prices below are a starting point for a dog in reasonable condition and do not include dematting, excessively dirty coats or dogs with oil or contamination in their coats.



Fur Colouring Scottish Terrier Breed Trim

Information and details on services


Shampoo & Conditioner

  • A massaging hydro-bath, with 2 shampoos (and a conditioner if necessary) specifically chosen for your dogs coat type and colour


Towel Dry & Blow Dry

  • A towel dry, then a professional high velocity blow dry to completely dry and fluff up your dogs coat in preparation for styling


Sanitary Tidy

  • Sanitary areas prepared and clipped including groin, armpits, between pads, bottom and face


Full Brush Out

  • All loose coat and knots removed (this does not include dematting - extra will be charged for dematting)
  • Body coat fully prepared, either a pre-clip or full brush and comb out (depending on grooming requirements)


Scissored Face & Feet

  • Face and feet trimmed and styled to requirements


Full Body Clip

  • Body and legs clipped to length required


Styled Trim

  • Styled trims can vary depending on the breed/look of dog wanted.  Styled trims usually consist of a clipped body and legs hand scissored


Breed Specific Trim

  • Styled and groomed to a specific breed trim - please note that not all groomers can do breed trims so appointments may be limited


5 Point Health Check

  • Groomers check eyes, ears, teeth, body and legs to alert you of any health issues we notice while grooming your pet


Small Breed dogs are usually breeds that are lap size.  Examples of this are Toy Poodles, Bichons, Cairn Terriers, West Highland Whites, Mini Schnauzers ect. Double coated breeds include breeds such as Japanese Spitz

Medium Size dogs are usually dogs that stand at or just above knee height. Examples of this are Cocker Spaniels, Spoodles, Springer Spaniels ect Double coated breeds include breeds such as Keeshonds

Large Size Dogs are usually breeds that stand well above knee height. Examples of this are Standard Poodles, Standard Schnauzers, Labradoodles ect.  Double coated breeds include Golden Retrievers, Samoyeds ect

Giant Sized Dogs are usually breeds such as New Foundlands, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Great Danes ect

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