Couplands Cool & Calm Horse Feed - 25kg

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Cool and Calm is an oat and cereal grain free formulation.  It is designed to be fed to horses and ponies that have a low supplementary energy requirement, or for those that experience possible temperament changes when high energy cereals are included in their diets.  The inclusion of fibre ingredients, coconut meal and vegetable oil, ensures a non-heating, low energy feed, ideal for horses and ponies undertaking low work regimes.

A comprehensive mineral and vitamin supplement, including organic selenium yeast, helps maintain the intake of these essential nutrients at a time when high level supplementary feeding is not required or desired.

Ingredients selected from: 
Wheat Bran, Wheat Pollard, Grass Seed Fibre, Oat Hulls, Coconut Meal, Soyabean Meal, Limestone, Salt, Minerals and Vitamins, Molasses and Vegetable Oil.

Typical Analysis (Dry Matter Basis)

Digestible Energy MJ/Kg 11.0
Crude Protein   12.0% Minimum
Fibre    18.0% Maximum
Fat     6.0% Maximum
Salt     1.5% Maximum

Feeding Recommendations:

Feed according to bodyweight, condition, pasture availability and work regime expected.  Cool and Calm is not an energy supplement, but a provider of fibre, minerals and vitamins and energy from oil and fibre, at levels suited to the horse or pony at maintenance or light work.

Maintenance and Spelling 1 – 2 kg
Light Work   2 – 3 kg

To minimise any possible digestive upset, divide the daily feed amounts into at least 2 feeds per day.

It is important that the horse receives sufficient intake of fibre as pasture, hay or chaff, ideally a minimum of 1% bodyweight.

High copper levels make this feed unsuitable for feeding to sheep or lambs.