Awesome New Products In Store Now!

Awesome New Products In Store Now!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring a few new products into store......

Back To Nature - Rabbit & Hare 500g Chilled Pottle            $4.00 per pottle

  • A yummy mix of Rabbit, Hare & Beef.  
  • Lower in fat than the other beef mixes.
  • Uses wild caught Rabbit & Hare
  • Good for Cats or Dogs
Kimberly Thom

Moo Tubes - Small Packs of 7                                                        $9.95 per pack

  • In 7 packs, one of each day of the week!
  • Low in Fat
  • High in glucosamine & chondroitin
  • Dosn't contain bone - just cartilage
  • Suitable for small dogs that are power chewers!
Kimberly Thom

Venison Tendons - 4 packs                                                                       $9.95

  • Meaty, tasty venison tendons
  • Lower in fat that pigs ears
  • Suitable for strong chewers or if you want a longer lasting chew
  • Made from wild caught venison
Kimberly Thom

Deer Ears - 4 packs (Chemical free)                                                   $7.95

  • Made from NZ wild caught deer
  • Air dried with no preservatives, colours or additives
  • Still retains the hair as no chemical washes have been used
  • Hair acts as roughage for the dog and as an intestinal cleaner
  • Suitable for people who want an "All Natural" chew
Kimberly Thom

Chicken Food

Layers Pellets 25kg - $33.90

Layers Meal 25kg - $31.90

Wheat 25kg - $24.30

Kimberly Thom

Topflite 10kg Bird Seed Bags

Aviary Mix 10kg - $39.95

Budgie Mix 10kg - $39.95

Budgie Boost 10kg - $42.95

Kimberly Thom

By Kimberly Thom